Thursday, November 28, 2019


It's the best feeling in the world when you think you're working the next day right after a flight but in fact, you're actually OFF!

Either I'm a workaholic or just inept at remembering what days I'm suppose to be working on. 

Methinks the latter applies.

I have another day off tomorrow and my bestfriend and his sisters are flying over (on transit) to KUL before flying off to London. They're on a super longgggg 8-hour transit so we've planned a makan-layover to meet up and hangout before I see them off.


I came back from a great flight yesterday from Busan - the set of crew was really great! The original Purser was pulled to another flight and one of my favorite SCCs was called up as replacement. So there were two SCCs on the flight - both being on the top of the list of people I love to fly with.

Busan is always a great destination to fly to - bcs basically it's just an island with nothing much to do but have plenty of beer, fried chicken and samgyupsal.

It's been a long while since I went out in a large group of crew so the chimaek session was pretty great! We all went for ice cream later (in 8c weather - not sure whose bright idea it was to have ice cream but in the moment that was such a great option).

It was also the annual light festival, so we headed down to the beach to take some pictures. 

Monday, November 25, 2019


It took me quite a while to be able to be comfortable and eat out alone, by myself. It was even a major feat to go out in a crowd (aquaintainces or friends even) so I take this as a small success.

Started with hanging out at coffee shops by myself, and I thought, this isn't too bad.

I like being with myself, in the presence of books, or a drawing book or youtube (let's be honest).

I used to think of what would people think of me, being all alone, eating alone. But come to think of it, they're all just strangers that you'll never run into ever again, so why give a flying fuck? More so in foreign countries.

I've learned to be independent during nigtstops because you can't count or depend on others so much.

You make your own happiness, and I believe if you have to depend on others for that, you're DEFINITELY missing out on alot.


I've got Busan at midnight tonight and I can't wait! It's been a while since I've gotten a Korean flight so I'm excited - I'm gonna brush up on my phrases so I can bust them out at some point. Haha

Broken or not, at least imma try. And we've got three Korean crew on board today so I can practice with them too!

My batchmate is also on my set so we've already planned for fried chicken or seafood - whichever is convenient and also plenty of photos of gorgeous Haeundae! They've set up lights on the beach and I hope we can get a good night shot. Knowing my batchboy - he'd want a good picture(s). Adios!

Sunday, November 24, 2019


I can't help but feel under appreciated and taken for granted by Awan sometimes.

I feel like bcs I'm always willingly doing stuff for him, it becomes a habit of him to somewhat make me do what he wants at a drop of a hat.

Sometimes I don't say anything and just do it but today when I'm PMSing, and having to do housework, he has the audacity to text me from the bedroom, and asks me to come and give him a footrub.

What in the actual hell, right?


I'm probably making him sound like an absolute asshole right now, but it's just in this moment, at this time I feel like whacking the whole stack of laundry I just folded into his face.

He's a sweetheart (mostly) but when he pulls shit like this it's when my short temper comes out and I just can't handle it.

How does one handle things like this?

Do I just give in and do it like a pushover that I am, or do I just say no, I'm busy go F yourself?

Saturday, November 23, 2019


This post originally started off as a rant but I deleted everything bcs I feel like it's gonna come back and bite me back in the ass.

Paranoia getting the best of me.


I just flew back from Delhi today, despite starting my trip from Jaipur 😅

My original trip was a 72hr JAI, and on the final day, we've planned for sunrise at Taj Mahal.

Thennnnnnnnnnn on the day before, at noon, I got a text, followed by a call from OCC (operations call centre) and find out that I'm supposed to pax to DEL IMMEDIATELY bcs one of the crew was hospitalized and couldn't operate the flight back.

So that's how I'm back home already, a day earlier, listening to the rain fall pit pattering away.

Saturday, November 9, 2019


What else is new? Back in Avalon!

Pretty nice set of crew - laid back and chilled.

Weather is still chilly here, despite it going into summer already.

But yet, everyone is still in bubble jackets and winter coats and fluffy sweaters. So confusing!

Promised myself not to go overboard with shopping but still spent about 300myr. It all included essentials ... but groceries included unecessary items. Hahaha


I find myself missing my significant other so much these days ... not sure why. I feel like we're drifting apart somewhat, but I can't pinpoint the reason for it. I feel like the dynamics shifted somewhat, and I don't know when this actually occured.

Whenever I ask him if everything's alright, he's nonchalant about it.

But I've never digged deeper. But do I really want to? Do I want to unearth all those unspoken things? Do I honestly want to open those can of worms? Or will I eventually get the answers I've been waiting for? Am I ready for that? What if it's the  thing that makes or breaks everything?

This is why I can't be alone with my own thoughts.

Sunday, November 3, 2019


Just got back from a redeye turn to CKG. It was a pretty easy flight, and a great set of crew.

Killed time by talking about nonsense and updating galley gossip, as usual. Andddddd the best thing is, another crew and I found out that we both were actually attending the same college at the exact same time years back! What a small world!

We started talking about people whom we might've known in common but it's been far too long since (plus I'm horrible at names!) but things really alligned. I mean, that campus was honestly quite small compared to many other campuses so we might just have passed each other by so many times without knowing it.

We even found out that we stayed at the same dormitory block! How weird is that?! I wish that the flight was much longer that we could've gone down memory lane even more in depth, but it was just fascinating to relive that tiny sliver of the past with someone who was also there then.

Hopefully I'll get to fly with her on a longer flight so that we could just see who else we know in common. My diploma days were really one of the fondest memories I have.

Unfortunately, I don't keep in regular touch with my diploma mates any longer. The extent of interaction is limited to facebook updates - even then, it's usually just the occasional "happy birthday/raya/cny/xmas" wish. I'm also rarely on these days so I'm so out of touch. I do wish someone would actually throw/organize a reunion just so that I can see how everyone turned out. It would be so interesting!

But then again, my social anxiety would probably get in the way and I'd end up not attending anyway ahahahhaha

Saturday, November 2, 2019


I honestly get the hustle - wanting the ultimate roster, to get the ultimate paycheck. I've been there, swapping flights like mad, taking those unwanted flight, just so I can make bank.

These days, I just go with the flow. I sometimes try to swap to Awan's flights, but that's the extent of it. Quality time over monetary gain, anytime.

But I'm not one to easily swap flights with anyone - unless there's a valid reason for it.

... or when I'm also not to keen on doing certain flights the other person is offering.

Just a few minutes ago, someone DMed me asking for a favor to swap my roster from the 18th-25th. Apparently the reason for the swap was for my Day Offs on 18 and 19, but why'd she want the whole block?

My eyes went WIDE thinking - whoa, what a timeline. That's a HUGE swap, and is rarely made. I don't have my roster imbeded in my memory so I clicked open my crew app, scrolled down to the date and lo and behold, she wants to swap
my 72-hours longstay.

I mean COME ON, girl. I get it. You want that flight. Why don't you just come out and say it? Instead on making up excuses wanting my day offs. Geez.

I'm not giving her the benefit of replying immediately because it's just too ridiculous! And I checked her flights - she's got TWO China flights (no thanks!) which are both short stays.

Some people don't realize the equality in the allowances at all and just are being selfish.

Word around the block is that she's notorious for wanting to take other crews' HNL trip bcs she's a personal shopper. But in return she always gives shit flights.

I need to show this ridiculous thing to Awan and I'm so curious to see his reaction!