Saturday, April 7, 2018


On trips like this, and set crew like THIS  is when I'm so thankful that I'm still flying and able to enjoy nightstops.

I'm fkying with Awan on this trip, along with an old friend I.T, and a cool Purser as well as an awesome SCC.

Eventhough our flight was delayed by two hours from KUL, we still managed to have fun in flight then followed by a lepak sesh after landing at 0230 (arriving hotel at 0315) up til now (0800 btw!) AND THENNNN we're planning to do Hai Di Lau hotpot for lunch and then AP Plaza afterwards.


Anddd then Starbucks Roastery. Ohmaigod. So keng this set crew. Hahahaha

Ohkay. So sleepy and tipsy now. Gonna sleeeeeeeeep.

Since dayre is officially gone - this is going to be my outlet from now on.


Thursday, February 22, 2018


Well, well. Look who's back?

I guess it's inevitable as dayre is shutting down soon. Everyone's been busy shifting to wordpress ... exporting posts and such. But I didn't bother because mine weren't really as interesting as everyone else's.

Just mundane excerpts of the day.

I hope I'll be more active in updating this blog more regularly. I don't think I'll be able to replace the simple functionality of dayre. I'm familiar of the workings of blogger too, so I don't think I'll be signing up for any other blog accounts.

But who reads blogs anymore, right?

B-T-dubsss happy 2k18! Two months into the new year, nontheless.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017



Imagine this-

You're running in a dark and narrow tunnel towards the light. But instead of reaching the end, that light gets smaller and smaller and eventually flickers out. Then you're engulfed in total darkness.

Been feeling that way for the past few days. Tightness in the chest, accelerated heartbeat, onslought of migraine attacks.

Not sure if its my anxiety acting up or just the effects of caffeine.

Truth to be told, I have been feeling abit off about alot of stuff. I feel pressured in some situations - not to say that anyone is pressuring me per se ... maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself. 

I need to learn to take it easy.

Pop a chill pill, sit back and relax.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Wow. August already?

Where has the year gone? Zipping past so, so fast.

Work has been alright - same old, same old. Who'd knew, almost three years here already.

This month, Awan and I would be married for 4yrs5mts.


How do I feel after 4 years of marriage?

Well, of course not everything is always smooth sailing. There are petty arguments over nothing, but if I can compare the good times to the "less good" ones, thank the Lord, the former wins.

But honestly, there are times where I think we take each other for granted. I seem to still think he can read my mind when he obviously can't. It's a male disease, no? Being oblivious to everything around them. Or is it just a gimmick for them to annoy us women? Haha


On the baby-making front, we're not exactly trying like I've been telling everyone I meet. I mean, to an extent I think we're both still scared shitless of the notion of having to care for another hooman-bean other than ourselves.

To tell you the truth, there also hasn't been enough QT together to actually do the deed. Our rosters has been brutal the past July, and Augusy doesn't seem to be letting us catch a break as well. Although I am excited with the fact that we have ICN rostered together at the end of the month! Hoping that at least two or more Korean crew will be going home so that we can finally cuddle in a foreign country! Haha

Sunday, July 2, 2017



For 20 years of my life - my period has NEVER been late. Early, always. Late?


And now, according to my Flo app, it is ONE day late. Gosh.
Not so sure how I feel, I mean, it's just ONE day right ... I shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet.

But then again, maybe I should just go buy several pregnancy test kits.

Friday, May 26, 2017


The absence of high-speed wifi at the Nest is making me go out of my mind.

Yes, we have officially moved into the Nest ... almost 3 weeks now.

It still needs alot of work - we don't even have a kitchen or a sofa - but at least its ours, ya know.

We'll build it slowly.


Work has been ... pretty awesome. I've finally gotten the hang of flying widebody. Because to be honest I felt out of place and out of my mind for a while. I love routine - my OCD goes into high gear and is actually acceptable. Although I do get called on for going overboard sometimes. But I believe its my OCD that made a few Pursers realize that I am passionate about this job. I mean what's that saying "enjoy what you do so you wont work a day in your life", right?

Been getting merits a few times and I feel like finally all that hard work has paid off. Not to say I'm going to slack off, it fuels me up to want to want to be better.

I realize that I've been flying for 7months here now and time has passed every so quickly! Only a few more months and it'll be a year and I have to sit for my SEP recurrent. Not particularly the most enjoyable time of year but it signifies another notch in my career.

I've yet to decide what I'm working up to - supervisory role? Educator? Who knows.

I'd love to fly forever - because I love going away to other countries and escape, eventhough it's just for a little while. But let's be honest, could I do it forever?

What if when I get pregnant? Awan's dead set on me getting pregnant by the end of the year and the thought is unerving.
My fidgety self would be bored senseless staying at home with nothing to do.

Tsk tsk.

This is why I hate being home alone by myself and no wifi. I can't distract myself long enough to not worry about the things of tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2017


I was about to go out and get a bite to eat - then it started raining again. FML

I had a nice long nap after coming back from the most tiresome work trip ever.

I don't know how to explain it - it was tired from the amount of complaining I heard in the flight. I mean, it was a great set of crew overall, but there was just SO MUCH BITCHING. Wergh. So much drama when really, there shouldn't be any at all.

I think that some things were just blown out of proportion - by a certain person.

I mean just because you don't like how other people are working, doesn't give you the sudden right to pinpoint every. little. thing.

Yes, not everyone will perform to your so-called "high standards" all the time - but then again, you work like a little shit, too. So what "high standards", I ask?

I've been on the receiving end of that particular someone before, so on this flight I was cautious to stay out of her way. During the trip I did end up working two sectors with her, but it two short sectors so I handled that quite magnificently, if I may say so myself.

I tried my best to keep a positive mindset, because being in a negative one will only occur negative vibes all day. Ah well.

But at the end of the day, my purser realized that it wasn't the all the other crew problem, but actually it was THAT particular person's problem with everyone else.

Have you ever met a person who has a hate vibe so strong, you could smell it from across the room? Yup. It was THAT bad. Every time there was no prescribed service, everyone else would literally avoid that person like the plague. I think everyone might have just wanted this trip to be over and done with as soon as possible because of that person.