Sunday, October 27, 2013


I am a loner by nature. I prefer to do things on my own - and I'm pretty content at doing so. I guess the reason is that I fear making a hassle for anyone else, not wanting people to wait up for me, or judge what I'm doing. A little mix between insecure and independent, if you can say that. 

That's why I had decided before my Maldives trip, I would be fine wandering around alone. Food was easy to find, the open seas are for all to enjoy just right at our doorstep, and I had no obligations to show anyone around. I'd just love to spend the entire time out in the sun, taking pictures and enjoying my work-cation. 

Or so I thought.

Before landing, I realized there were FIVE first-timers (meaning first time night-stopping at that particular station) and didn't make any plans that were set in stone. I mentioned that though I've been to Maldives before, it was a Friday and everything was closed and only opened after Friday prayers. So I didn't really get to see anything.

My plans were simple, and didn't involve anyone. My policy was simple: I was going to do my thing - and if anyone wanted to tag along, go ahead. But don't expect me to do anything out of the ordinary. But of course, me being the alahai, kesian la pulak kinda person, I gave in. And of course, instead of receiving thanks for my efforts, I received complaints. 

I have decided, now and up to whenever, I will definitely not go out of my way for people who definitely  will not appreciate what I do for them. I do not expect a standing ovation nor anything else for my efforts. But I don't think I deserve an earful about things not being up to your standards. Get a fucking life and do your own research next time.

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  1. Hahahaha poor you! (Sorry for laughing.) Patut bior je diorang jalan sendiri.. Pandai pandai lah hidup! My first time Male pun on a Friday and this fss wanted to go to some island so bad. I said screw peer pressure, I refuse to spend >RM500 on a half a day's trip! Gila! Nak pegi, pegi je lah.. Bukan budak kecik pun nak kena teman..