Friday, December 20, 2013


FOUR more days to Christmas! Argh! And I'm STILL not done with my Christmas shopping! Yesterday I got back from my Colombo turnaround flight at 0730 hours. Arrived home at aroung 0900 hours, showered, contemplated a nap but couldn't cos Schmelly was going off for flight. Accompanied him while he got ready for flight, and I received a selfie from my dad saying that he's at KLCC.

I figured I might as well skip the nap, and just spend the (little) available time that I have to continue shopping. So yup - managed to get out of the house at around 1230 hours and drive all the way to Pavillion. MANGO had some crazy sales, so I manage to pick up some stuff there for Mum.

Had a nice lunch date with Daddy at Ben's - still yet to bring Schmelly there for a nice little lunch/dinner date - and managed to talk out what has been on my mind. Sometimes its great to have quality time with just Daddy cos he has so much perspective on things. Just like Schmelly.

I decided that I'd treat myself to a Christmas manicure at my usual Cu's&Do's at Mont Kiara - and as usual, they did a stellar job! I went along with the gold and red theme, so yeahhhhhhhh I've got sparkly gold nails and extra sparkly red glittery toesies! So happy! And I also signed up for a 6x gel nail package. SHHHH don't tell my Mum.

Went over to Viva to drop off Dad, and I dropped dead on the sofa and zonked out for a few hours. Had a quick dinner and back home I went. I zonked out right away - until 1100 today. Phew! If THAT wasn't enough sleep then I seriously don't know what's up.

Anyway, flying off to Hyderabad today - it's an ALMOST 24 hour stay, but I'm not planning on venturing out, so perhaps I'm gonna go downstairs to get some instant noodles to bring along with me cos I'm pretty sick of having briyani. Oh #crewlife

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