Friday, June 27, 2014


Another wedding reception to go to in a few days time - and I'm excited! I get to be a part of it. Well, somewhat. I'm so flattered to be asked to design the guest book for the wedding! So far, this is the second time I've created something for a wedding guesbook - and I'm thinking, heyyyyy - I could SO totally make this into something. Anyway, that aside, I'm currently working on a few cute sketches that I will forward to the bride for verification.


Life has been having lots of ups and downs recently. However, just a few days ago - both Schmelly and I received awesome news about something that we've been praying to hard about. Totally excited about this new prospect - I think I can fairly say that it's a new phase in life that both of us are really looking forward to. It's not set in stone yet - but we're both still praying hard. Despite not being avid church goers (roster prohibits this at majority of the time) we still try to keep our faith by constant prayers. And God has answered! We are gonna accept this as a second chance - and do right by it this time around. There's more I could say on the subject, but then I don't think its safe for me to go on because I would totally spill the beans.

Enough on that. July's roster is out and wellllll - what can I say... It's great. Nothing extraordinary, but then I guess I'm not complaining. It's a nice mix of nightstops and trips and flights - nothing too tiring. Just one of those rosters that you're thankful to receive.

I guess, I'm trying to change my attitude to trying to be thankful for at least one thing everyday.
That's something to put on my half year resolution.
...because losing weight and eating clean totally didn't happen.

But today, I am thankful because I accomplished plenty of errands - right from the comfort of home. I managed to get my car insurance renewed (which is also going to be delivered right to my doorstep!!!!), I got to pay all the bills, I managed to finish my guestbook design, do the laundry, and also vacuum the house. Anddddd eventhough it wasn't really planned, I managed to somewhat eat clean today - starting with Maggi (okay la, this one cheat abit) which I threw in plenty of greens, and onions. For an afternoon snack I had oats with Milo, then dinner ... stirfried eggs with bak choy and fishballs.

I've been OD-ing on various YouTube vlogs recently and I got this idea from Anna Saccone - where she has Meal Plans for the week, and then shops online for the ingredients that she would need for the recipes! Which is a superb idea because you would avoid plenty of wastage, and would reduce the open fridge-stare at non existent contents-figure what to cook-end up eating chocolate and eggs- sessions. Due to my roster, I don't think I can actually do an everyday meal plan, but then maybe I could plan for offdays, or days that both Schmelly and I are at home together. This could also help for us to eat cleaner! Could I also set this as a new resolution?

Well,looky here:  half year through, and I've got two new resolutions!

Monday, June 16, 2014


The past few days was a welcome "vacation" - if I could say so. A short getaway away from the busy bustling city to the quaint town of Taiping. Both Schmelly and I were there to attend and help out with my sister in law's wedding. Warranted that it was going to ensue plenty of stress and lack of sleep - but it was a fun distraction at least.

Another day off today *checks clock : 0233 hours* and its back to work again tomorrow. Not really looking forward to going back to work as these precious days off (even with a flurry of activities). But it has really opened my eyes once more, to the fact that I really do miss my family. Spending time with Schmelly's family was fun - but I truly do miss my family back home. God knows I haven't been rostered to any MYY NS for far too long. Perhaps next month I'll get lucky and manage to get a NS with a whole day off *fingers crossed*

Anyway, another day to spend with le familia! Uploading 277 pictures is a superbly crazy task, btw. Making the effort cos the pictures I took were fantastic! *pats back*

Thursday, June 5, 2014



Haven't been writing for a while - been dabling (dabbling?) in other interests to see if I could make a career out of it. Ceh. I kid, I kid.

Work takes its toll on the mind sometimes - the repetitiveness of the duties and checks makes the mind stagnant. I wish I could afford more books - a pastime that I do adore - but the notion of buying a book and get disappointed by its content... it's not like you can just return it later. Some books are just meant to be read once over. So yeah. Reading is an expensive hobby.

I'm trying to learn a different language (or two) just to add to my non-existent "skills". So far I haven't been diligent enough to stick to it. But after my recent trip to Tokyo, I thought I'd try to re-visit my Japanese books and dictionaries. I took it in Uni years back, just as a compulsory language requirement. I was okay, not brilliant, but I could rock my vocal test. Mandarin would be fun too - since plenty of people mostly mistake me for Chinese anyway.

I need my mind to grow. I don't want to end up being narrow minded and oblivious and get left behind to the rapid pace the world is going at. I don't to be one of those crew who never have the potential to grow just because they refuse to do so ... just because they are comfortable at where they at.

Hm ... perhaps that means I have to go for more Airbus flights then?