Thursday, June 5, 2014


Haven't been writing for a while - been dabling (dabbling?) in other interests to see if I could make a career out of it. Ceh. I kid, I kid.

Work takes its toll on the mind sometimes - the repetitiveness of the duties and checks makes the mind stagnant. I wish I could afford more books - a pastime that I do adore - but the notion of buying a book and get disappointed by its content... it's not like you can just return it later. Some books are just meant to be read once over. So yeah. Reading is an expensive hobby.

I'm trying to learn a different language (or two) just to add to my non-existent "skills". So far I haven't been diligent enough to stick to it. But after my recent trip to Tokyo, I thought I'd try to re-visit my Japanese books and dictionaries. I took it in Uni years back, just as a compulsory language requirement. I was okay, not brilliant, but I could rock my vocal test. Mandarin would be fun too - since plenty of people mostly mistake me for Chinese anyway.

I need my mind to grow. I don't want to end up being narrow minded and oblivious and get left behind to the rapid pace the world is going at. I don't to be one of those crew who never have the potential to grow just because they refuse to do so ... just because they are comfortable at where they at.

Hm ... perhaps that means I have to go for more Airbus flights then?

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