Monday, August 18, 2014


Should I report that I've done my Clearance? Well, at least I've satisfied Schmelly. Wait - that came out wrong. But, well, two birds with one stone.

I guess my main drive was the fact that I THOUGHT going through with it would give me some closure. Like it was prohibiting me from moving on. As if I was disrupting some cosmic force from disabling me to move on in life i.e. getting a new job. At least that's what I wanted to think. Sure, sure, the feeling of relief afterwards was reward enough, but still.

Schmelly's happy that I finally mustered up courage to do it, because... I've been putting it off for too long. Believe me, even when I was sitting in the car waiting for the office to open that morning, I seriously contemplated reversing out and driving home. Anxiety attack for nothing I tell you. I must have sat there for almost an hour before stepping out.

Life hasn't changed at all! Daily routines include waking up, thinking of what to eat, work out, doodle, laundry, vacuum, doodle, YouTube, nap, plan for dinner, FoodTube, cook dinner, eat dinner, TV, read, sleep. Repeat.

Welcome to my exciting life.

So much for hindering cosmic forces.

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