Saturday, October 10, 2015


I am sick. Yet once again.

But this time, Mr. Sore Throat decided to come along. Mr. Cough peeks in and out once in a while. And please, let us not forget to mention Ms.Phlegm who is DEFINITELY here to stay and ain't going to nowhere!

Thank goodness for the next three days D.O. Hopefully I can recover in time 'til my next flight.

Flying when you're sick sucks. And also where they dock your pay if you MC sucks too. Hence, hello ear block! I thank God that my ear blocks never hurt but who likes having blocked ears anyway?

Okayyyy. Need sleep! Just popped the pills doc gave me. Yup. I caved and went to the clinic because I am THAT sick. Rm50 gobe because I malas wanna find panel. But at least I know they gave me good quality medication.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Been neglecting this blog for Dayre. Been on Dayre every day because it's so much more simpler and accesible, I could just toss out thoughts on the fly and post whatever I want because I know I don't have any readers there. Some sort of private diary, I guess.

On blogspot I feel like I have to be more eloquent (to say the least) and somewhat careful in what I write. You never know when something is going to come back and bite you back in the ass.



I'm sleepless although I'm tired. Did FOUR sectors today and it's ONLY the first day of the week at work. Long flight to TWU and back then followed by a quickie KBR. I guess I'm getting used to the fast-pace life in this airlines. I'm loving it so much here although honestly I miss the comraderie back in the previous company. No getting together after flight, eating, lepak, drinking, talking nonsense. It's much more to each its own here. You get to know (as much as you can) about each other in the short time span you spend together and then end of flight it's THANK YOU SEE YOU BUHBYE (BITCHES). Okay, not. But yeah.

I wont say that I've made friends that I could keep here - you know, those that you could call at random to bring out and chill out. Other than my batchmates, I don't have that kind of relationship here.

But I guess its for the best. Spend most of the time being a home-body. Kind of lonely, kind of sad - but a part of me likes the loneliness. I somewhat save money because I don't spend it at Starbucks or a bar or a restaurant. WHO AM I KIDDING? I STILL waste money at Starbucks! #laughcries

Today, I flew with people that I know. As in, I knew all three of them because I flew with them before. And they know me. That's pretty cool. It's coming around to almost a year here and well, I guess you'll tend to bump into pretty much the same people (unless they resigned).

Bumped into an ex-colleague post flight at the office and he surprised me with some news. I guess I could pretty much believe his "news" because he IS quite close with the Execs. But we'll see. We'll see.

On a positive note, my company has been nominated to be one Asia's Best Cabin Crew! First time ever has a LCC been nominated to among the ranks of the world's top airlines! Pretty stocked! And just for being MERELY nominated, the CEO is giving us a bonus - regardless of winning the title or not! It's pretty much a HUGE deal because who'd knew - the airline that lots of people look down on (come on, let's be honest here) ACTUALLY is in the running! Booyah!


I should really be asleep right now ... seeing as to it's currently 2209 and I have to get up at 0230. I'm exhausted but I'm past that sleepy- stage so here I am with a million and one thoughts in my mind and no one to vent to because Schmell's away in PER on a long stay.

I admit - I am pretty clingy to him... in the context that I want to be around him all night/all day. I don't mind him hanging out with his friends, but I want to have him around so that I could randomly shout out or spew out thoughts like this and he won't judge me. Haha!

Okay. I need sleep. Whether I want to or not. To pop a sleeping pill or NOT to pop a sleeping pill. Cough syrup?

Friday, August 28, 2015


It's that day of the week again ... D.O.!

TWO days off after 5 days of LONGGGGGGG flights.

Funny how it's been almost a year here (approximately about 10 months) and I feel like I just belong. When I look back at my days at my previous company, honestly, I really never had a sense of belonging like I have here. I feel more at home, I feel happy to go to work.

Even though the workload here is not as tough as the previous, I DO feel the strain of minimum rest. Maybe because the company still has a crew shortage problem, so the past few months have been gruelling! Although, I'm not complaining about the money I make at the end of the month. *smirks

Don't get me wrong - it's not a buttload of money, but it is significantly more than what I made last time. And also - the saving that I can make! Nightstops in exotic destinations do tend to dry you out quick.


Today was just spent doing nothing extraordinary - laundry, washing the toilet and such ... I did make the effort to ask a friend out to hang out today but she didn't text/call back so I assumed she got caught up doing much more productive things than I did.

Initially planned to go out to shop for necessities but I woke up at 12+ so .. yeah. Maybe tomorrow. Provided, I wake up early enough to fight off the weekend crowds!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Once more, swamped with work.

Gruelling roster this month with a 5day working streak every week. And 4 sectors every. Day. I. Am. Not. Kidding. You.

I just had a day and a half off and I'm about to start another 5days. This time its not 4sectors all the way but its Orient all the way. With the exception of one day of 4 sectors. And ONE standby - which I hope and wish will remain as standby all day because I seriously kenotttt if they called me up.

I had a productive rest day yesterday (got back from Cochin midnight turnaround at 0605) and was fighting the urge to sleep so that I could rearrange my body clock. Managed to stay awake and hit a total of 27 hrs with no sleep. Only a half hour nap!

After I dropped husband off at the ERL, I went to Sunway to shop for some essentials - stationery and toiletries. I don't know how I ended up at Sephora thinking I would NEED a new foundation.  Funny how that works. Ended up getting a  BareMinerals mini set that came with a superb brush (crazy about brushes) and getting a new kabuki brush after mine died last week.

I also got a new book by Zoella - I mean, basically she's been talking about it in her vlogs so I got influenced and caved and got it. I finished it a few hours ago and just started re-reading it again!

It's good - in a sense of if you're sappy like me and love teen romance novels (i never grew out of those, but honestly who wouldn't like a teen romance novel?!)
and basically set up in the more modern setting. Blogs and twitter and whatsapp all had mention and I loved that. Basically you can forsee what happens but a simple, good book with a good story flow always gets me.

I really can't wait for her second book!

Okay, I should really be asleep right now. Crazy mad if I don't. Need to be awake 2 hrs from now!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Finally and officially on AL!

Going to go away from the hustle and bustle of KL and go back to my Dad's kampung, Bario.

It's been TOO long since I've been back there. If I can recall, the last time I was back, it was with Hannah. I don't think I've ever been back without her.

Honestly, I don't know how to feel ... August is coming up and it's HER month. She'd be 27. I really wish sometimes, that she would still be around.

Veered off track there for a moment.

I can't sleep.

My mind is once again, at its finest, reeling non-stop with nonsense. It's becoming too much for me to process so I needed an outlet. Hence, blogging.

I think it's part excitement, part anxiety. There's something nagging at the corner of my brain - I desperately want to shut it out so that it wouldn't consume my mind.

Tried counting backwards from 100, got up to 50 ... but then got distracted by my thoughts again. I seriously need theraphy. If I could afford it, I'd pay to see Dr.Phil.

Not that I'm saying a shrink would help. Just need an outlet to vent everything on my mind. Because how do I control all these thoughts zooming about at a million mph???


Monday, July 6, 2015


Back from .... nowhere, really.

Life has been a bunch of nothingness. Nonsense. But that's life. Sometimes you're up in the clouds (most of the time for me actually quite literally) and sometimes you're down on the ground ... dragged about by your hair. And sometimes you're just at that stagnant place.

I think I've mentioned feeling like this, not too long ago.

I feel uninspired to do anything. Not to cook. Not to doodle. Not to ... work.

Ugh. I hate feeling like this.

It's really just me. I tend to get bored of the same old stuff. I need to get my mind working again. I need to kickstart the engine again.

I've got so many plans on hold. I've got so much to plan. But I can't seem to get my ass up and moving.

I wish I could be easily motivated. I need to find solace from the mess that is my mind.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Might be karma, might be the fact that I decided to change my facial regime on a whim, might be the lack of greens, might be the non-existent workout ... I seriously can't figure out what it is but my face has erupted into a crater. Like seriously!!!

I've got tiny bumps all over my forehad and around my cheeks. It's like puberty all over again! But I can't remember the last time my skin was this horrible. Must've been over a decade ago! What is this sorcery?!


I wouldn't care so much if I'm not in this particular line of work. But unfortunately I am. Cabin lighting does nothing but help "enhance" their existence as well.


I guess I should really get some rest ... maybe the late nights have been one of the many culprits as well.

Monday, May 25, 2015



Work has been great. Been enjoying my daily flights more and also the fact that I've got so many four sectors and long two sectors. I would have never in my life believe that I would one day admit to enjoying this.

Of course, I'm really spent at the end of the day, but the satisfaction in the job well done - priceless!

Although one downside is that my skin is getting worse! I'm back to the point that I'm getting random pimples ... just as one is getting better and clearing out, another one rears it's ugly head. I think it's time for me to change my facial routine.

I went to the BodyShop the other day and looked at their products. I don't know anyone who can vouch for the quality of the product on their skin, except for a few vloggers, but I'm willing to try anything right now. I invested in a TeaTrea Oil spot corrector and it seems to be working well in battling the redness from my spots. The J&J spot treatment that I've been using for years has not been working at all.

I also get what I thought was a TeaTrea Cleanser from the same line buttttttttttttttttttt I accidentally got the shower gel instead. I was thinking about exchanging it but when I looked at the receipt, they don't accept any returns and exchanges between 22/5 - 20/6 because of their sale or something like that. Ugh, I marvel at my own stupidity.

But back to doing chores - it's my DO (Day Off) today and I've got plenty of chores to do! Break over!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Nothing to report, really.

Oh wait - I do. So Schmelly's not transferring to my fleet. Bummer. We were both kinda looking forward to it. I even wanted to swap flights to fly on his SNY flight so that I could taruh him. But I guess it's a good thing. He's still flying EXTRA long with his fleet.

But what else, what else. Oh, I've been super busy the past week because my brother Arth and his girlfriend was staying with us so as awesome hosts, we brought them out and about and spent too much money eating and drinking. Emphasis on the drinking. Both Schmelly and I are now sporting beer bellies and there is significant stretching of my red skirt. *eeps* I seriously don't mind good food, but the drinking ... oh gosh the drinking. Even Schmelly (whose more of a drinker than I am) lamented that he's had enough of it.

I've also been busy working, and it's coming up to a half year flying now. I notice I always count the duration that I've been flying. It's not like I'm counting the days that I've been flying to note seniority but sometimes I'm amazed how fast time goes by. I mean, half year. HALF of 2015 has gone by. And here we are - mere mortals living life one day at a time.

I seriously can't wait til 2015/2016 is over. We've somewhat got plans. BIG plans, but yeah - still have to live through about 1 year and a half before we can really reveal what those plans are.

Right now life seems to be alright - although I note that Schmelly has been moody and easily cross at me at times. But I blame that with what's been going on with their department. It really takes a toll on you. But ah well, hopefully things will get better for them soon. I heard that they're expanding (rumours but welll, that's what crew are best at) to Hawaii and also some other places so there's that to look forward to. Believe me - I'd snap up that e-coupon to Hawaii the MOMENT they announce it.

Anyway, I've got to pick up Schmelly shortly and I think we might go for supper. All I had today was my brekkie omelette, a 4-hour nap, some muesli with milo when I woke up and....... that Red Velvet Ice Cream that I really had to have (Aunt Flo is in town) about 10 minutes ago. Schmelly would freak out if he knew I didn't have any real food today.

Friday, April 24, 2015


100th post! Nothing super special lined up because who gives a fudge anyway. Haha I think I might be the only one reading my own blog posts.

I got to stop watching 50 Shades on repeat seriously because well, it really builds up the anticipation... of waiting for the next one. And then some other things. Ahem.

It's almost the middle of the year and when I think I've got things down at work - people decide its going to be funny to switch shiz up. New products, new prices, new combos to memorize and a hella of a  challenging form to understand.

I'm all up for challenges but after 3 days of work and got thrown into the p2 position yesterday - gosh. Talk about the anxiety of facing the 3 carts that I had to be in charge of yesterday. Cray. Last night I studied the menu so that I could memorize the prices. All the prices are going down and what can i say - most of them are quite affordable. I guess the masses are going to be quite happy with the change but that means that our commission would decrease.

Which means I jst got to work harder.

Oh happy news - my roster for May has been published and I've got four days off. Straight up. Pretty cool, I thought about a short getaway someplace but then Schmelly might be  back in training school for his conversion class. It's too early to say whether his batch is coming down to AK but his roster is only up to the 9th. It could be a glitch in the system but we'll see.

So getaway - scratched off. I do want to go home to get some stuff but I cant bear to leave him all alone, even if its just overnight. Men, whatever age they may be, will still be boys and need someone to take care of them. Even when they don't want to admit it.

Roster is getting pretty loose because there's plenty of crew of I forsee more crew leaving because Emirates is holding an interview now as I type. Regardless that its held in Kuching but I know crew - they would fight tooth and nail to get there.

I can only dream of going to Emirates.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Feeling love deprived at the moment. Feeling very true blue.

Schmelly left for Narita last night and the main plan was to accompany him because I had Rest-DO-DO. Thinking that it could happen I gladly mentally think of what to bring and what to wear on the flight. But but but but but thennnnn he took another look at his roster and found out that his return flight is on 24th ... 1655pm. Unfortunately for me... I'm working and my sign in is at 1355. Wtf. Fml.

I felt so disappointed to the point of depression. Eventhough Schmelly has been OFF for the past few days, my brother and cousin were in town so we were spending some time with them so we had no QT to really have DateNight and also to properly celebratr his birthday.

So here I am now lying around at home, lazing about... doing random housework and trying to finish a few comissions that I have lined up. I don't really feel like going out but I know I have to get off my ass soon to post out some packages. I might just go to Aeon later for some grocery shopping too because my cousin Josh (the superb cook) posted a picture of his Nasi Kari Babi on our family grouo whatsapp and I'm about *this* close to taking a flight back to Miri just to eat it.

Now to think about it ... I just could do that. Hm...

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I am SO extremely sad.

It's Schmelly's birthday in a few days and I'm WORKING! It sucks. #crewlife

It's a good thing that he has 3 days RDO (Requested Days Off) but the only mistake was him not informing me that he actually applied for it. Ha. Ha.

What's more I'm working all through it - and I can't even plan something decent. Since my roster was published last month, all I've been doing is looking for at least 18th and 19th off so I could plan something special but in turn he has to be the one carting me to work for the next four days. On the day itself I have a standby that starts at 0230 so THAT IS OBVIOUSLY THE SUCKIEST thing EVER!

He's turning 26 in a few days - and I still don't know what can I do. Should I just MC? Ugh. I hate being away from him. Especially on his birthday!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


I've been neglecting Blogger mostly because of Dayre. I blame the cutesy stickers and easy uploads. I mean, it's no excuse since I also have the Blogger mobile app on my phone but ... eh. Whatever.

It's not like I have a ton of readers here on Blogger but I personally feel super exposed on the world wide web here compared to Dayre where only my closest and dearest are the ones reading my rants. I feel like I could rant all day and post random thoughts on the fly there without the feeling of being judged.

That aside.

I've been putting on some weight since Schmelly has a reduction in flying hours. Obviously I cook whenever I can, but most of the time I'm pretty spent at work and fast food is the next option. Some days I don't really feel like eating because the idea of falling flat onto my bed seems much more appealing but ever since I could remember, having a meal before KO-ing always been his way of "taking care" of me. Even when that means going to the McD Drive-Thru. So much love. Love handles, that is.

So since he has only about 4-5 flights a month, he's always around to ensure that I don't miss ANY meals. AND snacks. I blame the excessive snacking on my current weight gain, really. I really got to fight the urge and say NO to him when he offers me snacks. Gosh.

I've been slacking on my juicing as well and my complexion is paying the price. I'm trying to recompensate my drinking more H2o but seriously, who am I kidding? My juicing days results in such gorgeous skin that I don't even have to worry about applying pimple gel to my problem areas.

Tomorrow is the start of my first day of work this month (after a 4 days off) so I'm feeling a tad blue. First days always sucks and it sucks even more that it has to fall on a Sunday because tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I reckon SIBKL has a special service all lined up. I feel the need to MC (I do have a slight fever - no idea why) to attend service but who am I kidding? I'd feel super regretful that I'm taking my job lightly and I don't want to end up making the mistake I did when I was at my previous company.

I have to get up at 0300 and it's already approaching 2300. Why does this ALWAYS happen on the last day of my offday? UGH. Drinking hot Nestum in attempt for it to "lull" me to bed. Adios!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I caved.

I took a Casual Sick Leave (CSL). I couldn't help it even if I wanted to. I blame it on my "extra-ordinary" eyes. F you, entropion.

I hate that I get conjuctivitis much too often. I've actually been avoiding taking CSL despite my eyes being super duper red for the past two weeks but yesterday it was really bad to the point where I could actually feel my eye throb.

There goes my perfet record.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hey ho! Since my confirmation - I've received "The Email" and the long awaited E-Coupons!

These coupons are entitled for me go give to ANYONE of my choosing so heyyyyy. Who wants it who wants it!? Let's go for an adventure together somewhere!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


I haven't been diligently posting here because I've been flash-blogging at Dayre. It's much faster and easier to upload stuff there. Plus the little stickers make my posts so much live-lier!

But updates, updates.

It's been 3 months since I've started flying (why do I feel as if I start almost every post here that way) and that means my probation is almost over! My official probation ends April 12th, but honestly, I think I can mention it here... I'm confirmed!

I passed both my required appraisals and Safety Line checks and my marks were pretty good. It's not official yet but more or less, my FAE told me I'm pretty set.

I'm glad that I could have a new chapter in my life someplace I know I can grow - regardless of the fact that I use to knock funnies on this particular company years ago.

But never say never is what I say.

I'm definitely working my ass off here - the workdays and MRP (Minimum Rest Period) are pretty ... well, minimum but it's all good. I'm getting better at organizing my time getting ready for work too! As well as planning my meals for work.

I'm just getting settled here and I'm sure it'll still take me a few more months until I really get the hang of things but so far smooth sailing.

I try my best to have the best mood before work and I'm sure that's what have making my days go by so much easier.

2015 is definitely the year of new experiences and I'm choosing to revel in it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I've never felt so exhausted operating a whole stretch of flights before. This is the first time I can honestly admit that four sectors for four days straight really takes its toll on you.

In addition to that, they're all short, busy and demanding sectors. Sales were good, don't get me wrong - but man. At the end of the day I always feel like I've downed a whole bottle of JD. Last night I almost walked straight into a wall.

Today is the last of this block of crazy flights and I must admit, I *almost* wanted to take a sick leave. Not because I was really sick per se (I did have a bum eye) but because I'm feeling blue that Schmelly is all alone at home and tomorrow is our 2nd year anniversary. I felt like taking an off day and take off to somewhere far away. Away from flying and the stress of the city. I really do miss our Balimoon last year. I really wish we do something similar this year but with still being on probation and not being able to take any annual leaves yet - I guess I'm stuck.

We seriously have ZERO plans.

I wish he'd surprise me with flowers later but let's get real - he's SO not the flowers and hearts guy. He's more of the practical type. My Christmas present was a powerbank!

Well, off to work now then.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Today was the first time I travelled home via my current airline as a revenue pax. It's quite surprising that last minute ticket purchase was quite simple and totally hassle free.

I only decided last night after arriving home from work to take a flight back to Miri (MYY). I figured since Schmelly was away and I was all by my lonesome (and kinda homesick) - I just packed a few essentials and took the bus to the airport.

As usual, doing something totally new (first time purchasing Staff Travel tix) always gives me some sort of anxiety. But I really didn't have to fret much because the process was really foolproof - no forms, no need for a bajillion info. Just handed over my ID to the staff and she issued me a ticket right away.

But of course, next came the courtesy call to the operating crew - do I get them something? Do I greet them? I'm pretty new they wont recognize me. But what if I happen to fly with them the next working day? Arghhh. More dilemmas.

Seriously, I don't think petty things like this gets other people riled up but I sure do. I tend to over-think situations. But all was well, I went with the Hello, I'm Tina + a handshake. Simple.

Had a Chamomile Tea and a Chocolate Brownie (let me tell you - OMG, hands down, one of the best brownies I've had!) And fell asleep the rest of the flight.

The seats were pretty uncomfortable - its been a while since I've sat in a pax seat for more than a few seconds. I don't know if it's a crew thing but I seriously prefer my jump seat to the pax seats. I couldn't get super comfortable no matter what position I shifted to. I was only able to fall asleep due to the lack thereof. And to think that I was issued a HotSeat! I wonder how pax end up sleeping so soundly or not-so soundly (snoring opera) on long flights. Pop a sleeping pill or two perhaps?

Monday, February 23, 2015


I cannot even begin to describe the exhaustion I feel right now. It all stemed from yesterday, really.

Firstly, it was my first day working. On top of that AuntFlow decided to pay a visit. As I greeted my SFA, I found out that a Safety Checker (SC) would be onboard.


Lo and behold, me and my SFA's fears realized, the SC would be checking the both of us. Obviously being unprepared as heck, we scrambled through our notes and mental library to see what we would be potentially asked.

Questions started raining in right after the seatbelt sign went off after take-off.


Provided that it was only Don Mueang (DMK) turnaround ... we thought we could get out of it easy but nope. The SC told us that she was going to cover ALL SIX chapters of out SEP manual.


Every free oportunity was used for questioning. However we were able to complete it on the second sector (DMK-KUL) as there weren't much sales. There we both were sighing with relief as our safety check came to an end when Captain told us more AWESOME news.

Additional sector to Singapore (SIN).


After being drained out of all my knowledge - I still had to do two more sectors. Ah well, I thought. No worries. It's a pretty short flight anyway. It'll be over in a wink.

Or so we thought.

Lo and behold, we were delayed almost 2 hours in SIN as we had to wait for transfer pax from an AOG aircraft. So my original pax were already in the aircraft while we had to wait for FIFTY-TWO other pax. And their baggage to be loaded into the cargo.

Obviously the original pax had connecting flights that they were going to miss but it was waaaaay beyond our control. There were few harsh words from pax but all we could do was reaasure them that Ground Services will assist them upon arrival. It sucks giving such a vague unhelpful answer but we didnt have any clues at all on what was going on.

Anyway ... from my sign-off originally being 1310, it was 1815. Poor Schmelly was waiting at the airport for me since 1200 (bless him!) as he had something to do there.

Ah oh, my contacts gave up and decided to pop out of my eye when I was clearing my immigration at the end of flight.

So in a nutshell, I felt exhausted, drained, agitated, pissed and worn. Reached home at about 2000 and after showering I immediately flatlined til 0644 this morning.

I am still completely worn out but hey - all part of the job really. All part of the job. Doesn't hurt that a generous passenger gave us all each a $50 angpow!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Work work work work Off Off work work work work Off work work work work Off Off.

My life these days.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


After a few months of overlapping rosters and no DO (days-off) together, Schmelly and I finally - FINALLY (yes, CAPS LOCK is necessary to reiterate my point) - we have 3 days off together!

Crew couples have is almost as bad as long distance couples because we're pretty much apart most of the time. It's usually when I'm flying - he's on DO; or when he gets back from work, it's my turn to go to work. Especially now when we're both working for separate and different entities (eventhough its the same company). He only flies WB flights while I fly only turnarounds on NB. So most of the time its me all by my lonesome at home while he's away in some part of Australia.

So when we cross-checked our Feb roster , we had to triple check to see that we indeed had 3 DO in a row together! Almost as if we hit coupledom jackpot! So of course, we had - just HAD to do something and not waste the opportunity. But of course, flight attendants (or maybe its just both of us) are pretty much useless to plan ahead because we're so used to Operations handing us a roster every month that we diligently live our lives around. Also - planning things usually jinxes it (my personal belief). However, we did discuss a few ideas but haven't set anything down in stone.

So on the day itself, I actually signed-off duty at 0830hrs from a midnight flight and slept all the home on the bus ride. When I got home at about 1000hrs and decided that we should just start our "mini-vacay" right away cuzzzzz if I were to even take a "little" nap - we were DEFINITELY not going to go anywhere.

We decided on a roadtrip instead of flying someplace to cut the travel time and also for the covenience of being able to drive around. We went on trusty ol' Google and checked for Groupons for hotels in Singapore, JB and Melaka. Lastly Melaka was the best option as it was only 2 hrs away and we both haven't been there for a long time.

So after a fuel pitstop and a super quick supermarket spree we were on our way! Armed with a 750ml of double shot Espresso cafe latte and about a bazillion assortment of snacks - we drove and talked and munched the whole way to Melaka.

We left at 1310hrs and arrived at about 1530hrs. Hungry and thirsty (no idea how it was possible to still be famished after two cans of pringes and 382719 packs of TamTam and ChokiChoki but hey - don't judge), we Googled for best foods and came up with Jonker Walk. Found a random chicken rice shop and had the BEST chicken rice ever! Don't know whether it was THAT good or we were just hangry but that was definitely one of the best Chicken Rice I've had in my life.

Basically all we did after was took a stroll in the alleys of Jonker and took pictures and ate and pop in and out of shops. Only later did we decide on a quaint B&B called Hassen House to take a quick nap.

The short nap wasn't too short per se - we woke up at about 2100hrs due to hunger pangs and decided to Google (what else) top dinner places in Melaka. I decided on Tong Sheng after reading the first line of their review, which was "...famous for their Cheesy Prawn Bee Hoon...." let's just say they got me at Cheesy.

Later on we drove back to Jonker St and wanted to get some drinks and hang out by the Straits. The loud music blaring from Hard Rock drew us in and well - the spectacular view of the Straits and genuine, hearty conversation made up for the sucky live band and the overpriced beer. Went back to our room pleasantly buzzed and slept in.

Since we were just winging it - we slept in and got up about 1100hrs today and walked to the nearest and Top 3 rated best Chicken Rice Ball shop to queue with the rest of the crowd. Afterwards we walked around to check out random shops. A friend of Schmelly's saw our check in on FB and called him out on it. He just a new baby so we decided to pay him a visit since Schmelly hasn't met him for almost 4 years. After a hanging out and meeting his beautiful baby girl, he asked us what our plan was. We shrugged and told him we haven't decided so he suggested us to visit Klebang Original Coconut Shake shop. Pretty decent really - prices we surprisingly very low and service was quick. At about 1800hrs we decided we to start our drive back to KL.

As unwilling as we were to end our short trip - we knew we had to because all we did was eat! If we were to stay another day I doubt my skirt would zip up when I resume work the day after tomorrow!

In a nutshell - it was a superb and well-needed getaway. I love the fact that we just winged-it and didn't have to stress out over what to do. Only downside thing was that eventhough the B&B we stayed at was highly recommended on Trip Advisor, we were both bitten quite badly by bed bugs.

So I'm basically awake at 0631hrs right now (since 0345hrs) feeling so excruciatingly itchy and trying not to scratch at it. I've been religiously slathering calamine all over the bites - which seems to tone down the itches but I figured if I distracted myself by doing something else i.e. writing this post, I wouldn't be bothered by it since both my hands would be occupied. /problemsolved

Now I'm thinking if I should just might as well go for a run ......... I could just feeeeeel all those food I consumed slowly turning into love handles as I lay here in bed. Hm. Decisions, decisions.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


I'm trying my best to keep up with my 2015 resolutions. So I'm trying my best to bring healthy(er) options to work. So far I've brought oatmeal, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, carrot sticks. Pretty basic stuff I like to munch on. Crew often are surprised at my choices of meals/snacks so I always revert to the story of how I used to be such a heavy kid once upon a time without even realizing I was actually quite overweight.

Then the next question that ensues is "How did you lose the weight?" Then I'd explain A-Z the whole sha-bang. And thennnn the golden question (soalan cepumas) "Could you give me some tips/pointers?"

I'd ask about the timeframe/duration the person wishes to lose the weight and suggest something accordingly. (Okay firstly I'd like to insert a disclaimer here that I'm not a trained dietician/profesional fitness guru but I'm just sharing what I did to lose weight over the years).

I seriously do not mind sharing my experiences and two cents worth of opinion and perspective. But before I can even begin, the person asking for the advice already has his/her guard up. I feel like its just a waste of my time to even say anything.

Exhibit A:
X: So how can I lose like 3-5kgs in about a week? Is it possible?
Me: Yea sure. Cut out white carbs and eat more greens, cut sugar, coffee and yessss that includes chocolates. Workout about an hour or two a day if u can manage and you'll see results.
X: Nah I cant cut rice. All the shops around me are mamak stalls.
Me: Noodles are fine actually.
X: Aaaah. But u know how mamak noodles are .. greasy and urgh.
Me: um just try to eat in moderation then. Small meals spanned out 6 times a day? And perhaps jogging?
X: I hate jogging.
Me: Do you have stairs at ur place? Climb the stairs up to ur apartment.
X: Ugh my apartment stairs wont access the level.
Me: ................

Well, I tried.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


It's coming up to my two months of flying and what can I say - I'm loving it. So far I've been quite blessed to have met and worked with such pleasant and welcoming people who make the workplace such an ideal place to grow and learn.


It's payday today and FINALLY I gety first full pay. Flying allowances and all that. Pretty psyched because up to now all I've been receiving is just my basic pay - which is pretty minimal. I've got bills to pay yo! Not to mention an overcharged credit card bill to settle. *guilty*

Hopefully I still have some left to reward myself with something pretty!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I can honestly say it's difficult to please everyone. Not only in the airline industry but also life in general.

I love my batchmates to bits. I love spending time with them as much as they love spending time with me. I wish hanging out with them would be simpler. I wish I could just let loose, drop everything and go out shopping/clubbing/ice skating/movie watching with them on my offdays. But unfortunately, my offdays are usually spent recuperating at home - catching up on lost sleep from previous days early mornings and rigorous sectors, cleaning out my tornado-hit apartment and my mountainous laundry. And honestly speaking ... sometimes I just need some ME time.

They keep saying that I'm too good to hang out with them because I always decline invitations to go hiking/rock climbing/sky diving or whatever cool shit single people do these days. But they don't understand I'm a married woman with a house to clean and chores to complete and a husband (and currently a Daddy) to tend to. I want to defend myself and be snarky about it but I don't think they'd understand.

I DO wish I could just get up and go and leave everything behind but I know even when I'm out I'd probably be thinking how awesome the weather is outside and how my laundry would so totally be dry if I were home to do it right then and there ...

I mean its already 1505 and I haven't even showered because all I've been doing is laundry-reorganizing my dresser and closet-dusting-vacuuming the entire apartment. I only managed to stuff my face with a pack of biscuits and eat three tablespoons of Milo powder which i then gurgled down with water.

And now I feel so exhausted and I feel like taking a well deserving nap.


I was on standby all day today between 1200-2000.

Lo and behold - for the third consecutive time, I wasn't called up. I don't know whether to feel relieved or annoyed, really. Part of me is pretty relieved that I didn't get called up. Pretty  much because I got to spend time at home cooking for Daddy and Schmelly and get some minor housework done. But part of me wants to literally pull all my hair out due to the stress of suspense.

Basically standby is excruciating because you don't know whether you're gonna get called or not. And you can never EVER be well prepared for flights that you get called up for. Believe me, I'm always haywired and flabbergasted. ALWAYS. Talk about anxiety attack. And believe me when I say that my phone is basically glued to my hand the whole EIGHT hours. Any time I forget to take my phone with me - e.g. to the toilet - I'll probably get up (mid-pee even) to run out with my pants halfway down to get my phone first then back to the loo to continue peeing.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - it is THAT bad.

Standby makes me go crazy. Because sometimes it makes me feel as if I'm on house arrest. Like OCC (operations) somewhat tagged you with some sort of GPS tracker and you can't be 50metres away from your home just in case you get called up and you need to zip into your uniform, pull that trolley bag and run to catch the earliest bus/train/cab/horse-carriage etc available to the airport.

Being on Standby also means you can't really be calling/talking to anyone because you need to keep the line open for OCC to call you. Two missed calls and well - you're MIA.

So since I'm confined to my home and I can't socialize with any human lifeform besides via Whatsapp and FB - I can honestly deduce that being on Standby sucks balls.

But I am determined to let 2015 be a "Glass half-full year" and be the ultimate optimist sooooo I'm gonna just conclude that OCC just decided to give me a torturous day OFF instead. That counts as optimistic ... no?

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I've never believe in New Years resolutions. I believe in ongoing-carry-forward resolutions. LOL Ever since knowing the concept of resolutions, I can honestly admit that I've never kept ANY New Years resolution I made. What can I say - I blame my ADHD. And my short term memory loss. And the fact that I'm pretty indecisive.

But since it's 2015 and I'm such a BIG girl already *scoffs* I think I should MUST make at least a few that I can achieve by the end of 2015. So here goes:

#1 Make Resolutions
... and actually stick to them long enough to make a difference - may it be minuscule or major. At least half a year, minimum. Heh

#2 No MCs
... which is a pretty decent resolution actually. I think this would be quite achievable, considering that my present company docks your paygrade once you take more than two MCs a month. But despite that, I'm trying to keep a good record at work - I mean I've got a job that plenty of people are dying to get so I'm not going to take it for granted and be disciplined.

#3 Keeping Fit
... which is a major must as this contributes to the previous resolution. Being fit and healthy means I'll keep away from illnesses - thus nil MC. Killing two birds with one stone here. This resolution basically encompasses eating healthy, working out and try to build a six-pack. More fruits and veges and less junk! More burpees and less sitting on my ass doing nothing on my offdays! 

#4 Go to 2015 Bario Food Fest
... I've been meaning to go for the past few years but so much has happened that inhibited me from actually participating. Mummy has diligently went for the the past two years so I'm making it a point to bring Schmelly to Bario this year so that I could introduce him to my Kelabit culture and force him to eat kelatang. (Please Google Image that word and prepared to be amazed).

#5 Teach Schmelly to speak Kelabit 
... because he's been married to me for almost TWO years now and all he knows is bobek - which means ... taking a dump. I'm hoping by the time we go to Bario he could at least say a proper sentence. Talking about "bobek" with Kelabit elders is not exactly a "decent" conversation starter.

#6 Learn to Speak Iban ... Fluently
... marriage is all about give and take, so since I'm married to an Iban guy, and since I'm forcing encouraging him to speak Kelabit, I guess I should make the effort to be able to speak his language too. It's not too difficult for me because Iban is spoken widely in Miri and few of my best friends are Iban so yeah. 

#7 Save Money
... definitely a yearly resolution. I've tried my best over the years to save as much as possible but failed to do so due to so many reasons (I blame my shopping addiction). But since we're all not getting any younger, and having to face the fact that family planning is unavoidable *insert nervous laughter* I realize that a "fund" specifically for that is absolutely essential. As much as I do not like saying things out loud ... I'm finally going to admit it here - we're going to have kids... SOME day. Not right now. At least not for the next two years ... THANKS to my new flying contract!

Whoa. That's actually quite alot. I was just making it up as I went along. But seven is good. Seven is a pretty lucky number. Or so I've heard. But we'll see! As soon as I hit that Publish button - it'll be set in stone! 

Someone please Alt+Prt Sc this as proof.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy 2015!

I was flying through BOTH Christmas AND New Year - hence the nonexistent posts. I had plenty to write about, but every time I wanted started to string words together in my head, sleep got the better of me.

I'm officially kicking off 2015 with my first full roster and expecting my full pay at the end of the month for all the hard work I did through December. Been busting my ass like no one's business and actually loving it! I thrive on the fast-paced service and turnarounds. I've had up days and not so up days but those are unavoidable. You can't have a good day each and everyday. I PRAY for a great day each day but God throws a curve ball here and there just to make life more interesting. I see your game there, Big Guy.

Today ends my 5-day working stint, so I'm entitled to Rest-Off-Off up til Monday. Phew. I guess I think I'm more deserving of this OFF day because the past few days have been a flurry of delays, additional ex-sectors, two LONG flights with passengers so increasingly onerous as I went through rows. However, last nights'/this mornings' flight to Guangzhou (CAN) proved to be a New Year's bonus as the load was superrrrrrr light. And I was also blessed with an awesome set of crew. 

I realize that in this industry, you never stop learning. There's always something new to learn from each and every one you meet in flight, regardless of age, race and rank. I feel humbled to know that a few SFAs have gotten to where they are not by being kiss-assess (which I actually heard through the grapevines - but by merely being able to execute duties efficiently and keeping a good record. See? It's not that difficult to get somewhere. All you need is dedication and hard (but fun) work.

I admit that the first day of 2015 proved to be a challenging one for me (will get into details in a separate post because that particular day DEFINITELY deserved a long entry) but I can see it turning around. It's all a matter of mind over matter. Pun intended.

Positive minds defnitely brings positive results. 

Off to catch up on some more well-deserved sleep because I have been up for more than 24 hours. #crewlife