Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy 2015!

I was flying through BOTH Christmas AND New Year - hence the nonexistent posts. I had plenty to write about, but every time I wanted started to string words together in my head, sleep got the better of me.

I'm officially kicking off 2015 with my first full roster and expecting my full pay at the end of the month for all the hard work I did through December. Been busting my ass like no one's business and actually loving it! I thrive on the fast-paced service and turnarounds. I've had up days and not so up days but those are unavoidable. You can't have a good day each and everyday. I PRAY for a great day each day but God throws a curve ball here and there just to make life more interesting. I see your game there, Big Guy.

Today ends my 5-day working stint, so I'm entitled to Rest-Off-Off up til Monday. Phew. I guess I think I'm more deserving of this OFF day because the past few days have been a flurry of delays, additional ex-sectors, two LONG flights with passengers so increasingly onerous as I went through rows. However, last nights'/this mornings' flight to Guangzhou (CAN) proved to be a New Year's bonus as the load was superrrrrrr light. And I was also blessed with an awesome set of crew. 

I realize that in this industry, you never stop learning. There's always something new to learn from each and every one you meet in flight, regardless of age, race and rank. I feel humbled to know that a few SFAs have gotten to where they are not by being kiss-assess (which I actually heard through the grapevines - but by merely being able to execute duties efficiently and keeping a good record. See? It's not that difficult to get somewhere. All you need is dedication and hard (but fun) work.

I admit that the first day of 2015 proved to be a challenging one for me (will get into details in a separate post because that particular day DEFINITELY deserved a long entry) but I can see it turning around. It's all a matter of mind over matter. Pun intended.

Positive minds defnitely brings positive results. 

Off to catch up on some more well-deserved sleep because I have been up for more than 24 hours. #crewlife

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