Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I've never felt so exhausted operating a whole stretch of flights before. This is the first time I can honestly admit that four sectors for four days straight really takes its toll on you.

In addition to that, they're all short, busy and demanding sectors. Sales were good, don't get me wrong - but man. At the end of the day I always feel like I've downed a whole bottle of JD. Last night I almost walked straight into a wall.

Today is the last of this block of crazy flights and I must admit, I *almost* wanted to take a sick leave. Not because I was really sick per se (I did have a bum eye) but because I'm feeling blue that Schmelly is all alone at home and tomorrow is our 2nd year anniversary. I felt like taking an off day and take off to somewhere far away. Away from flying and the stress of the city. I really do miss our Balimoon last year. I really wish we do something similar this year but with still being on probation and not being able to take any annual leaves yet - I guess I'm stuck.

We seriously have ZERO plans.

I wish he'd surprise me with flowers later but let's get real - he's SO not the flowers and hearts guy. He's more of the practical type. My Christmas present was a powerbank!

Well, off to work now then.

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