Friday, August 28, 2015


It's that day of the week again ... D.O.!

TWO days off after 5 days of LONGGGGGGG flights.

Funny how it's been almost a year here (approximately about 10 months) and I feel like I just belong. When I look back at my days at my previous company, honestly, I really never had a sense of belonging like I have here. I feel more at home, I feel happy to go to work.

Even though the workload here is not as tough as the previous, I DO feel the strain of minimum rest. Maybe because the company still has a crew shortage problem, so the past few months have been gruelling! Although, I'm not complaining about the money I make at the end of the month. *smirks

Don't get me wrong - it's not a buttload of money, but it is significantly more than what I made last time. And also - the saving that I can make! Nightstops in exotic destinations do tend to dry you out quick.


Today was just spent doing nothing extraordinary - laundry, washing the toilet and such ... I did make the effort to ask a friend out to hang out today but she didn't text/call back so I assumed she got caught up doing much more productive things than I did.

Initially planned to go out to shop for necessities but I woke up at 12+ so .. yeah. Maybe tomorrow. Provided, I wake up early enough to fight off the weekend crowds!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Once more, swamped with work.

Gruelling roster this month with a 5day working streak every week. And 4 sectors every. Day. I. Am. Not. Kidding. You.

I just had a day and a half off and I'm about to start another 5days. This time its not 4sectors all the way but its Orient all the way. With the exception of one day of 4 sectors. And ONE standby - which I hope and wish will remain as standby all day because I seriously kenotttt if they called me up.

I had a productive rest day yesterday (got back from Cochin midnight turnaround at 0605) and was fighting the urge to sleep so that I could rearrange my body clock. Managed to stay awake and hit a total of 27 hrs with no sleep. Only a half hour nap!

After I dropped husband off at the ERL, I went to Sunway to shop for some essentials - stationery and toiletries. I don't know how I ended up at Sephora thinking I would NEED a new foundation.  Funny how that works. Ended up getting a  BareMinerals mini set that came with a superb brush (crazy about brushes) and getting a new kabuki brush after mine died last week.

I also got a new book by Zoella - I mean, basically she's been talking about it in her vlogs so I got influenced and caved and got it. I finished it a few hours ago and just started re-reading it again!

It's good - in a sense of if you're sappy like me and love teen romance novels (i never grew out of those, but honestly who wouldn't like a teen romance novel?!)
and basically set up in the more modern setting. Blogs and twitter and whatsapp all had mention and I loved that. Basically you can forsee what happens but a simple, good book with a good story flow always gets me.

I really can't wait for her second book!

Okay, I should really be asleep right now. Crazy mad if I don't. Need to be awake 2 hrs from now!