Saturday, October 10, 2015


I am sick. Yet once again.

But this time, Mr. Sore Throat decided to come along. Mr. Cough peeks in and out once in a while. And please, let us not forget to mention Ms.Phlegm who is DEFINITELY here to stay and ain't going to nowhere!

Thank goodness for the next three days D.O. Hopefully I can recover in time 'til my next flight.

Flying when you're sick sucks. And also where they dock your pay if you MC sucks too. Hence, hello ear block! I thank God that my ear blocks never hurt but who likes having blocked ears anyway?

Okayyyy. Need sleep! Just popped the pills doc gave me. Yup. I caved and went to the clinic because I am THAT sick. Rm50 gobe because I malas wanna find panel. But at least I know they gave me good quality medication.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Been neglecting this blog for Dayre. Been on Dayre every day because it's so much more simpler and accesible, I could just toss out thoughts on the fly and post whatever I want because I know I don't have any readers there. Some sort of private diary, I guess.

On blogspot I feel like I have to be more eloquent (to say the least) and somewhat careful in what I write. You never know when something is going to come back and bite you back in the ass.



I'm sleepless although I'm tired. Did FOUR sectors today and it's ONLY the first day of the week at work. Long flight to TWU and back then followed by a quickie KBR. I guess I'm getting used to the fast-pace life in this airlines. I'm loving it so much here although honestly I miss the comraderie back in the previous company. No getting together after flight, eating, lepak, drinking, talking nonsense. It's much more to each its own here. You get to know (as much as you can) about each other in the short time span you spend together and then end of flight it's THANK YOU SEE YOU BUHBYE (BITCHES). Okay, not. But yeah.

I wont say that I've made friends that I could keep here - you know, those that you could call at random to bring out and chill out. Other than my batchmates, I don't have that kind of relationship here.

But I guess its for the best. Spend most of the time being a home-body. Kind of lonely, kind of sad - but a part of me likes the loneliness. I somewhat save money because I don't spend it at Starbucks or a bar or a restaurant. WHO AM I KIDDING? I STILL waste money at Starbucks! #laughcries

Today, I flew with people that I know. As in, I knew all three of them because I flew with them before. And they know me. That's pretty cool. It's coming around to almost a year here and well, I guess you'll tend to bump into pretty much the same people (unless they resigned).

Bumped into an ex-colleague post flight at the office and he surprised me with some news. I guess I could pretty much believe his "news" because he IS quite close with the Execs. But we'll see. We'll see.

On a positive note, my company has been nominated to be one Asia's Best Cabin Crew! First time ever has a LCC been nominated to among the ranks of the world's top airlines! Pretty stocked! And just for being MERELY nominated, the CEO is giving us a bonus - regardless of winning the title or not! It's pretty much a HUGE deal because who'd knew - the airline that lots of people look down on (come on, let's be honest here) ACTUALLY is in the running! Booyah!


I should really be asleep right now ... seeing as to it's currently 2209 and I have to get up at 0230. I'm exhausted but I'm past that sleepy- stage so here I am with a million and one thoughts in my mind and no one to vent to because Schmell's away in PER on a long stay.

I admit - I am pretty clingy to him... in the context that I want to be around him all night/all day. I don't mind him hanging out with his friends, but I want to have him around so that I could randomly shout out or spew out thoughts like this and he won't judge me. Haha!

Okay. I need sleep. Whether I want to or not. To pop a sleeping pill or NOT to pop a sleeping pill. Cough syrup?