Thursday, March 31, 2016


Soooooo ... since I've been with this company for almost a year and a half now - I've learnt quite a number of things. 

YOU are in charge of how much you make a month. At first, I wasn't too keen on sales - I mean, it's a part of the job scope, doing sales but I was just going through the motions. But now, I'm getting more and more into the sales thing. Because at the end of the month, it determines how much commission you make!

And seeing as to that I've got so many things to pay (hate growing up) already; house, car, bills etc etc., I think I should up my selling game!

For two days in a row I've flown with Kash Krew. Kash Krew are people who rank top 10 every month in sales, so I got to pick their brain about what I can do to up my sales. Pretty much insightful. I mean yesterday, my SCC told me her sales this month alone already rank up to rm50000! Like whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?!?!? But then again, Kash Krew DO get rostered to fly all the money-making routes, like China and Indonesia (specifically Lombok). 

So that's "kind of" unfair to the rest of the flying community who only get flights like BKI/KCH, or DPS or AOR/LGK. I guess you COULD still push your sales but looking at the flight time, there's ONLY so much you can do.

I COULD get serious about this. I mean talking about it in a whole post alone shows my interest. But you know me, I get chicken about venturing into things like these. But it's okay. EVERYDAY IS A LEARNING PROCESS kataku. 

So anyway, that's something to think about. 

I've got three days off including today and I'm thinking of things I could do for Schmell's birthday because April is his birthday month. I've been thinking of getting him small gifts each and everyday, leading up to his birthday on the 19th but thennnnnnnnn I'm pretty much broke after paying so much for everything. It's only the 31st of the month and my salary is pretty much out the window after settling the bills. Sigh.

I was thinking about planning a romantic dinner for two at the KL Tower (because out of all the towers in the world he has been to THIS he hasn't been) but that costs about rm500 for the dinner buffet. I don't know if I really want to blow 500 on a dinner that just ends or spend it on something he can keep forever, Like a new bag or something. I know he wants the Sony z5 but I really can't blow almost 3k on a phone right now. Maybe at the end of the year for Christmas after my bonus or something. Hmmmmmmmm

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