Friday, May 26, 2017


The absence of high-speed wifi at the Nest is making me go out of my mind.

Yes, we have officially moved into the Nest ... almost 3 weeks now.

It still needs alot of work - we don't even have a kitchen or a sofa - but at least its ours, ya know.

We'll build it slowly.


Work has been ... pretty awesome. I've finally gotten the hang of flying widebody. Because to be honest I felt out of place and out of my mind for a while. I love routine - my OCD goes into high gear and is actually acceptable. Although I do get called on for going overboard sometimes. But I believe its my OCD that made a few Pursers realize that I am passionate about this job. I mean what's that saying "enjoy what you do so you wont work a day in your life", right?

Been getting merits a few times and I feel like finally all that hard work has paid off. Not to say I'm going to slack off, it fuels me up to want to want to be better.

I realize that I've been flying for 7months here now and time has passed every so quickly! Only a few more months and it'll be a year and I have to sit for my SEP recurrent. Not particularly the most enjoyable time of year but it signifies another notch in my career.

I've yet to decide what I'm working up to - supervisory role? Educator? Who knows.

I'd love to fly forever - because I love going away to other countries and escape, eventhough it's just for a little while. But let's be honest, could I do it forever?

What if when I get pregnant? Awan's dead set on me getting pregnant by the end of the year and the thought is unerving.
My fidgety self would be bored senseless staying at home with nothing to do.

Tsk tsk.

This is why I hate being home alone by myself and no wifi. I can't distract myself long enough to not worry about the things of tomorrow.