Wednesday, September 26, 2018


So October is around the corner once again.

I'm on the fence- figuring out whether I hate or love this month.

For one, it's my birthday month. But then I get depressed and shit because I'm currently so broke.

Had to pay off a lump sum of my credit card so that I finally cancel it.

Plus I still have my roadtax to renew. Which is due on my actual birthday. Oh, joy.

Bye-bye birthday vacation.

I've made up my mind. I officially hate October. And September isn't even over yet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


For the past few months, I've resorted to making most of my rants on Twitter. It's been my safe space, where only my nearest and dearest are - and I know they won't judge me.

I've neglected Dayre - only to post hauls and foodie posts, mainly because the people I've been following have somehow ALL become mommies and their content are all about babies.

I have no problem reading about babies and mommylife but I don't think they would be interested in my lacklustre content any longer.

That is why I'm back to good 'ol Blogger because this blog is honestly so dead already.

What a long ass intro to what I was here in the first place to rant about.

So here's the thing - my company allocated a point system in where you can "give" away "free-tickets" (just pay airport tax) to friends and family that you nominate.

So the people who I've nominated know of this convenience because I had to inform them about it and also get their travel document details for verification.

(*Look - I'm not pinpointing fingers to anyone here, it just get annoying sometimes*)

Anywayyyy. One of the person in that list happens to be a frequent user of these points. I could say that a majority of these points have been utilised by said person.

I'm not stingy on these points - I don't mind helping anyone out to get a ticket at a cheaper price (bcs I know plane tickets are expensive AF). But this person has NEVER ever reimbursed me or offer to pay for the ticket or even offer to pay for a drink (which probably costs more expensive than a domestic flight really). I'm not one to ask for money back, honestly. I just am honestly not the type. It's just a small amount but after a while and after thinking about it (since I bought said person tix numerous times already) it rrally accumulates into quite a neat sum of money.

I've voiced these sentiments to my mother, who is literally one of the nicest persons ever (when the door bangs closed behind her, she'll literally apologize to the goddamn door) exclaimed to me "No! You should ask --- to pay you back! Manada benda dalam hidup ni free! (Nothing in life is free!)

"You worked hard for your money. And --- works too! You shouldn't just give it freely."

This - coming from my mum who'd always say the kindest things was suddenly a hustler! Hahahahha I laughed at her tenacity but she cut me off and said --- should reimburse me everytime.


Why I brought it up this time is because said person has justtttt asked me to get them a ticket for *tomorrow* (mind you this person likes to ask last minute as well /cue eyeroll) and I just sighed loudly and typed out "Yeah sure, I can get you the ticket but I'm currently broke and you have to transfer me the money so I can pay for it."


So far I haven't gotten a response back so I don't know if --- is suddenly taken aback at my reply or what.

Seriously, I'm not sure if I have a mean streak in me.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


On trips like this, and set crew like THIS  is when I'm so thankful that I'm still flying and able to enjoy nightstops.

I'm fkying with Awan on this trip, along with an old friend I.T, and a cool Purser as well as an awesome SCC.

Eventhough our flight was delayed by two hours from KUL, we still managed to have fun in flight then followed by a lepak sesh after landing at 0230 (arriving hotel at 0315) up til now (0800 btw!) AND THENNNN we're planning to do Hai Di Lau hotpot for lunch and then AP Plaza afterwards.


Anddd then Starbucks Roastery. Ohmaigod. So keng this set crew. Hahahaha

Ohkay. So sleepy and tipsy now. Gonna sleeeeeeeeep.

Since dayre is officially gone - this is going to be my outlet from now on.


Thursday, February 22, 2018


Well, well. Look who's back?

I guess it's inevitable as dayre is shutting down soon. Everyone's been busy shifting to wordpress ... exporting posts and such. But I didn't bother because mine weren't really as interesting as everyone else's.

Just mundane excerpts of the day.

I hope I'll be more active in updating this blog more regularly. I don't think I'll be able to replace the simple functionality of dayre. I'm familiar of the workings of blogger too, so I don't think I'll be signing up for any other blog accounts.

But who reads blogs anymore, right?

B-T-dubsss happy 2k18! Two months into the new year, nontheless.