Friday, September 27, 2019


My sleep has been crap today.

Afrer I got back from flight yesterday evening, I showered and told Awan hey, I'm not even tired. I don't think I'll fall asleep that early.

Next thing I knew, I was out cold and was awoken at about 0130 in the morning. Proceeded to wake up and get a snack, watched The Masked Singer (I'm obsessed!) and eventually fell asleep again at 0430. 

I woke up again at 0930 this morning - famished! Had my vitamin drink, my overnight oats then watched more YT.

Made cucur ikan bilis for lunch then proceeded to fall asleep again at about 1330 when Awan was getting ready for work.


Even my sleep tracker is confused with my sleep pattern. 


My diet has also been super crap - bcs I've ditched the BirthdayBikiniBod plan bcs I don't have any leave to show off said bikini bod. 

I've been depressed-eating to my hearts content. 

I'm usually one to have at least 2-3 portions of fruits and veges a day but I've been just NOT having any. 

Plenty of strawbs though, bcs it's strawbs season in Aussie and they're dirt cheap. And since all I've been doing are Aussie runs ... STRAWBY GALORE in my fridge.

Other than those damn strawbs, I've gone rogue on my 5-a-day.


My skin was doing well for a few weeks then BAM - here comes the zits again. Bad sleep, bad diet, what else can I expect right?

I think I've been pretty good with trying to stay positive for the past whole year that I deserve to wallow in self-pity all up yo my birthday. 

A gift to myself, no?

Friday, September 20, 2019


I don't blog anymore.

... but then again Dayre started charging about S$3.90 a month for their app so I was like "no way, see yah!"

I guess I'm a little bummed bcs it was such a simple platform to use. It was just click click type type upload, and voila.

And I've gained a tiny following and even made some friends on the app so ...


I figure I still can use this platform - now that I don't have an outlet to express my mundane thoughts. There is Twitter but pushing about 200 characters in a single tweet seems kinda obnoxious, no? Heh.


I was complaining about the lack of hours in my September roster earlier of the month (64hrs BTW) plus 6 standby days. Which by any normal crew account is the definition of a SUCKY roster. But I digress.

My 4-days standby block just got duty changed to AVL (Avalon, MEL) so now my hours are up to 80, methinks. I haven't really checked.

My only gripe is the fact that I've already operated AVL, the first week of Sep, followed by SYD, and I just got back from PER yesterday. And the day after tomorrow - back to AVL! Wtf, am I right?

Is a teue blue Aussie roster, and  if I had actually agreed to exchange my FUK at the end of the month with OOL, I think I would've hit Aussie bingo and they should probably grant me PR status by October hahahhaha